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This patriotic & historical Audio CD presents words of freedom from men of honor from the past upto today.

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The Declaration of Independence

Patrick Henry Historic Speech

 Words of Freedom - Part 1
(Quotes on the meaning
and responsibilities of freedom.)

This Living History Audio CD is "INCREDIBLE"

"I LOVED THE FREEDOM CD!!! It was really GREAT!!! I was really impressed with the quality and the items you chose to include in it. I am very happy that I have an audio version of the important docs of USA history. It was very cool to hear! Can't say thank you enough!"

Christina D.

This is an INCREDIBLE CD that really brings the spirit of Founding Fathers to life.  Throughout school I was introduced to the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the speech of Patrick Henry, but I never understood the context that these were developed in nor the impact that these had on the founding of our country.

While I listened to this CD, I felt I was part of colonial times and I gained a much greater understanding of the spirit of our country's beginning and how courageous the people were who founded it. Add to that the more modern tracks, and this is an incredible CD that I'd recommend to anyone."

Paul  M.

  "The whole world needs to hear this CD and renew our love of the great nation we live in. We need to be reminded that the freedoms we have taken for granted did not come without great people giving their all. GREAT CD!!!!! Thanks so much!" Since my son-in-law is in the 3rd Armored Calvary Division stationed in Iraq, I sent him the CD and he loved it!

Etta G.

   "This CD is light years better than anything I've ever heard in this genre. "Words of Freedom" is a must have for any History Buff, Teacher or Patriotic American."

Christopher W.

"We enjoyed and were moved by the Words of Freedom CD! Tears came to my eyes several times during the latter parts. It's such a tremendous accomplishment to bring to life all these important voices of freedom from U.S. history, it truly felt like we were with the speakers as they gave the speeches! We plan to give CDs to each of our family so they, too, can appreciate it."

John & Gigi C.

"Today I bought a copy of Words of Freedom from Gunsmoke. Thank you for putting this together. Every time I listen to Rich Wyatt's poem the hair on the back of my neck stands up. I'll diligently be using the CD to teach my homeschooled children more about liberty and responsibility."

Paul  K-S.

  "Words of Freedom, Men of Honor" is an excellent audio resource to present insights into the evolution of our nation. From quotations of our founding fathers to the development of our Constitution, this creative production can be an excellent resource to teachers and students to supplement instruction in the classroom as well as for personal reflection."

Tom Mordue, Principal
Vantage Point High School

  "This CD REALLY opened my eyes! The performance of the reader and the power of the music brought the words to life. I FINALLY understood the time & conflict our founding fathers went thru.  I wish they had presented this to me when I was in school. All I learned back then was that the Boston Tea Party was against taxes and that "the Constitution was a really successful intellectual experiment".  I've been loaning it to friends and have trouble getting it back. They love to listen to it while driving, etc. It's very inspiring & uplifting"

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